I'm an artist, designer and animal lover living in the 5th Dimension.
This is my story...

As a child I filled up every coloring book I could get my hands on, and graduated to  tracing and modifying magazines when I got bored with the lines. This progressed into a lifelong love affair with lettering, graffiti, colors, and all things creative. I snuck into the corporate world, and after 15 years of art direction and graphic design decided it was time to jump out into the cosmos and try the freelance life. Seven years later I'm honored to be dream-weaving my creative and personal life together with printmaking, painting, and metal smithing.

Outside of the world of art, I flex my art skills in creative styling and direction. I am in constant awe of nature and the inspiration it gives me. I’m weird, curious and sing (quite horribly) to my animals at the top of my lungs daily.

My creative approach is simple- every image tells a story. Every business, every product comes from somewhere. My goal is to elevate women, artists and small businesses through branding, illustration & website design.

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Made in Chicago

Currently honoring my radical inner goddess and working on the road!

Last Seen In: Nashville, TN / St. Petersburg, FL, & Gary, IN


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